Word Press Is Fun, Fun, Fun

I’m working on the appearance of the waypast70.com site by studying up on youtube Word Press tutorials. Whew! So much information, so many choices to make – but thankfully nothing is frozen in time. The choices are relatively easy to execute and just as quickly trashed. And if you have lots of spare time I suggest you try it out. The excellent youtube tutorial I’m currently studying is: How to Create a Website or Blog with WordPress 2015! BEGINNERS Tutorial – YouTube.

The first part of setting everything up appears just a little complicated but can be solved easily by calling WP or watching the first part of the tutorial repeatedly until you understand the various steps to be taken. I was blessed with the initial assistance of a friend who is a local graphic designer. Now I’m on my own, thrashing about in wonderland.

There is such a lengthy, comprehensive listing of youtube WP tutorials on line. Just google the subject and you’ll see what I mean. I’ve learned so much already and it will definitely get those brain cells snapping as your work in progress unfolds before your eyes. Imagine my surprise upon learning my initial theme choice is the choice of the above tutorial.

Uploading photos and videos is easy enough. Everything is at your fingertips. This is so amazing for one who started out on a ’78 Tandy Color Computer with a TV for the monitor and a tape recorder uploading my homemade programs. Those were the days when Radio Shack techs in NYC were so helpful and gave as much time as needed to solve a problem.

I remember the first time I saw a computer shimmering in the 5th Ave Radio Shack display window. I was totally fascinated. And the internet was so primitive with “Bulletin Boards” that contained only text and frequently dropped connections. I wonder how many over70s worked with the primitive technology. You will be thrilled with WP.

I hope you will join me and build your own site. You might ask “Why on earth would I want to embrace this daunting task?” There are many reasons:
Experience your creative process.
Communicate your truth to friends or the world at large.
Reignite your ability to concentrate.
Platform to support CHANGE across the planet.

A lovable aspect of this process is you have no idea what the final product will look like until finished. It’s a very contemporary form of jazzy improv and I do adore improvisation, Of course somedays the site will look a little strange or in very bad taste, but hang in there – change is underway.

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