Why Vote for Bernie?

I can’t imagine why seniors would vote for Clinton; Bernie is the only viable candidate. Sanders has a very long history of advocating for seniors in congress and that record is available on the internet for all to see. And what do you think of Clinton’s refusal to release transcripts of speeches she gave for Goldman-Sachs and all those other bankers not to mention her great love of Monsanto and trade agreements that outsource jobs to China, Mexico and beyond.

Isn’t it time for serious change, the kind of change we have not seen since FDR. It’s so obvious Clinton is rehashing old concepts and unacceptable ideas. There are intuitive approaches to viewing Sanders vs Clinton in action. Turn off the TV sound and watch their faces; you will see Clinton’s extremely angry, arrogant and self-serving image whereas Sanders expresses objective intensity.

Next turn on the sound and listen with closed eyes. What do you hear? I hear condescension, and narcissistic aggrandizement from Clinton; I mean can you imagine having to listen to that sharp, grinding voice for 4 years?

Please look at Congressional Records of both candidates on security issues. It gives a great indication of future realities; if you favor war be sure to vote for Clinton. Sanders voted against all recent wars. Truth is in the actions taken.

Sanders major theme concerns correcting the truly horrifying imbalance in the financial world; he will take on the enormous economic and political power of billionaires and bankers known as the 1% controlling a vast majority of $$$$in the world. Which brings me to some perplexing questions regarding strange political alliances that continue to make no real sense. Why do the terminally poor support the Republican Party which is dedicated to low wages, outsourcing jobs, toxic drinking water and big-bankers? And why would the elderly support Hillary Clinton who is a hawk in snugly sheep’s clothing? I cannot recall any support she has given the elderly in all her many years in leadership roles. I do not see her as a friend of the elderly or the environment. Did I miss something?

Bernie is the only candidate devoted to the poor and middle class. He has always wanted to increase social security and lower the cost of health care for everyone. He is the only candidate who supports the single payer health coverage system. Every other civilized country in the world has it why not America?

We never saw the great change that Obama promised. But we will see great change for the good of poor and middle class and the world at large if Bernie is elected. The demographers say the 17 – 24 population is in Bernies camp and the seniors and terminally poor are in Hillary’s. We’ve got to change that proclivity and make what is obviously the best decision for our future: Elect Bernie.

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  1. Hi Jane, I couldn’t agree with you more. You should be part of Bernie’s team getting this message out. Clear, concise and to the point.

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