Seniors Must Rally Against Fascism!


The Republicans have been fiercely revitalized by the Trump campaign, coming out in enormous numbers to support him. Who are these people supporting a man publicly admired by the KKK, Holocaust deniers, racists, redneck ignorance and born-again schemers. The other Republican candidates are no better; can you even imagine a Republican presidency? Elders are urged to become involved; there is so much we can do.

For example a friend, 67 years old, wore a Bernie button to the market and scores of folks approached her during her shop-about referring to the button, giving her the opportunity to discuss why she was for Bernie and how important this election is for the future of the planet. It’s hard to believe seniors could ever support a Republican and in particular Trump; we know better! I urge a revolt that could occur if a majority of elders go to the polls and register their horror at the fascist leanings of all the Republican candidates.

Yes, these folks have always been here, going back to beyond the carpetbaggers – but now they are mad as hell after 8 years of a black president and they are on the move as never before. And everything represented by their vitriolic speeches is headed to a local government near you – if it hasn’t already arrived in full force. It has certainly arrived in my home town big-time and I imagine the greed-head militants are active where you are.

I learned much about these folks when starting a newspaper in middle Georgia in 1987. It was shocking to watch a state that had always voted Democratic going Republican; the racial prejudice openly expressed to me in somewhat confidence was almost as shocking as the KKK rallies held on the courthouse steps. I came up with a response phrase: “You’re talking to the wrong person.”

Many of us are weary of the political arena and think: no more! We’ve been disappointed so many times throughout the years and now we’re sick of the downward spiraling of political philosophy into the grimiest gutters imaginable; much easier to turn off TV and pull the covers over our heads but we must rouse ourselves and rally to a cause for greater truth and responsibility to the poor and middle class; responsibility to the environment and peace in our time. So unless you want your grandchildren to develop under the leadership of P.T. Barnum get up off the couch and vote for Bernie.

One thought on “Seniors Must Rally Against Fascism!”

  1. Jane, you almost make me wish I was over 70. Give me another decade and I will be there. I’m there in spirit. You talk about pulling the covers over our head. Not a good idea. Not for me. Not for anyone. It all matters. All of it. These hateful people are not to be ignored. And tolerance only goes so far. “Greed head militants” is right. An old friend I made through the Noetic Sciences discussion boards was a man who described himself as “right of Ghenghis Khan”. He told me that the danger in putting and keeping one’s head in the sand is that you could very well be shot in the butt. Sage advice.

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