Practice What You Preach!

It is exhilarating to experience Bernie winning 15 states in primaries across America.Thank goodness he is focused on stopping the transformation of the US into a fascist oligarchy under the rule of corporations in the forms of Trump, international banking conglomerates, and the Republican Party. Bernie is our only opportunity for reclaiming the US as a Democratic nation; His concerns should be the concern of all freedom loving Americans.

We need a President who practices what he/she preaches and that is not Clinton. By now her dishonesty should have forced her out of the running. But folks don’t give mind to the admonition: Practice what you preach. Match up your actions with your words; be who you say you are. Who are you? No one can know who Clinton really is or what she would do in office. She’s a bigger flip-floppier than George Bush, remember him?

TV media urges democratic voters to support Clinton with the caveat: she is not trustworthy. Her supporters would need to be brain dead to trust her. Good heavens! What did she say in the Goldman-Sachs speeches? They earned her millions in 2014 alone. She knows the tone of the speeches very well; she knew what was necessary to answer the bankers call to make millions. And she will keep it a secret, count on it unless the people demand otherwise.

Where is the recording of her speaking engagements? We know it exists somewhere. Events of this nature are always recorded and probably videoed. Bankers usually get what their millions demand. They don’t give anything away.

Clinton’s hypocrisy is experienced by many as disrespect of our common-sense. For example, she continues to attack the evil of hedge fund managers, threatening to go after them when president. Is she going to prosecute her son in law? Will she continue support of fracking, Monsanto, unregulated banking, out sourcing jobs and war in the middle east?

Practice what you preach is really applicable to Christians who are claimed to make up 80% of the US population. Hopefully many can be found at the Sander’s rallies cheering his victories. But many are the folks who make up the born-again Bible belt, spewing vitriolic racial prejudice and homophobic, war mongering epitaphs. And just as their leader Thumping Trumper, they claim to know the laws of their lord and savior Jesus Christ and by God they are here to protect these fundamentals of western civilization. Somebody should inform them of separation of church and state.

Can Trump Christians be shown the error of their ways? Christ taught the opposite of everything they practice. They are arch-hypocrites working for their own worst interests while performing slave labor for the 1% in control of their lives. We need their vote. There must be a way to reveal the virtues of Bernie’s life: he practices what he preaches – equality for all. Here’s to a landslide victory in Wisconsin and on to my home state New York.

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