Waking Up Seniors

Scratching just lightly beneath the surface of Hillary Clinton’s career reveals the empirical evidence of her historic support for aggressive interventions around the globe.“ Webster G. Tarpley, historian and foreign policy analyst.

This might appear off the subject of over70 population but it’s appropriate seeing as how the elderly population is supporting Clinton in what I consider a grave error of judgment based on fear of radical change and fear of the unknown in general. Seems like there would be more fear generated by supporting the status-quo of the past 8 years.

It’s important to look at the heart of the matter which certainly must include the compassion of the candidate as revealed through voting and advocacy history. And close scrutiny of current policies of candidates is a mandatory focus for anyone interested in the truth of the matter.

The important issues for most seniors are health care and social security both of which have received the bum’s rush in 2015: SSI received no cost of living increase and Medicare insurance payments have increased over 50%. Clinton has repeatedly stated she wants to maintain the status-quo of Obama’s policies. So you can definitely expect more of the same with her presidency.

Part B premiums are expected to rise a minimum of 52% , from $104 to $160 for millions of seniors. There are millions of seniors without insurance because Part B is much too high for a minimum SSI check. Clinton says the single payer insurance advocated by Sanders is a pipe dream, a pipe dream we know to be working in most civilized countries across the planet. How would Sanders pay for such an advancement: make the 1% pay their fair share of taxes.

SSI cost of living increases did not occur 3 years of the past 40 – 2010, 2011 and 2016. It may become a trend if Clinton wins because she does loudly proclaim her plan to maintain Obama’s way of doing things. OMG! It promises another 4 years of wars and inequity for seniors at all levels. Seems like the handwriting is on the walls all around us.

Clinton’s warmongering is well documented! She is known in enlightened circles as the “international neocon warmonger”. See Tarpley’s analysis with details at http://www.voltairenet.org/article187315.html in which he lists her actions as Sect of State. And then we have her vote in favor of the Iraq war which she claims was a mistake on her part. She has made many mistakes in supporting such issues as trade agreements, gas pipelines, Monsanto expansion, fracking, GMO foods, international bankers and corrupt voting practices. She is named “the most corrupt politician of 2015” by Watchdog group at USA News, see: http://www.usapoliticstoday.com/watchdog.

Seniors! Are you really sure Clinton is the candidate for you? Do you really want someone well known for corrupt practices and lack of compassion for the poorest of the poor? Do you want someone with a record of non-interest in elderly issues? Please research Clinton’s record on all the issues mentioned herein and I’m confident you must agree that Bernie is the only viable candidate.

Remember there have already been 2 sort of miraculous events that occurred in support of Bernie. First was the Birdie Bird in Seattle and now the invitation to visit the Pope. He leaves for Rome on the 16th and depending on what happens over there, the NY primary could be impacted by this event.

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