We Must Defeat the Monster


Trump once stated his legacy has its roots in his father’s legacy. And what a legacy of racism Fred passed down to his son. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree and we know little Donald was glued to dad’s side throughout childhood and apparently he learned his daddy’s racism and other lessons well.

Woody Guthrie knew old man Trump and wrote several lyrics about the buzzard that go like this:
“Beach Heaven looks like heaven; where no black ones come to roam!
No No No Old Man Trump; Old Beach Heaven ain’t my home.“

‘I suppose Old Man Trump knows just how much racial hate he stirred up
In the bloodpot of human hearts, when he drew that color line.

We could go on and on regarding the racist history of both men but it would most probably have no effect on those who adore him except perhaps to make their hearts swell with pride. It would enrich their entrenched emotional visions of reality wrapped up in extreme right-brain hemisphere processing, void of any input from undeveloped left-brain hemisphere processing. You know that scenario.

Trumpers vote for what they feel in their hearts. And racists are falling out of trees and flowing down from the mountain tops. These scary creatures are everywhere, trying to control our lives under the banner of christian social conservatism and at the same time extolling the virtues of freedom and equality for all. The hypocrisy is putrid.

According to the current 2016 Republican Platform, they want to control every aspect of our personal lives. It supports the most extreme version of every issue as they attempt to cram their version of Christianity down our throats. The outrageous homophobia codified in this document continues to reveal extreme ignorance; they haven’t figured out sexual orientation is a biological fact not a choice. And whatever the case, it’s none of their business. Not only do they insist on controlling bedroom activities, they want to mandate high-school bible courses, return federal lands to states, expand coal burning and other Trump Eco-pursuits. Read the document.

The future of all humanity depends on the outcome of this election. Imagine the outcomes from this extreme sociopath discussing everything with his only adviser: himself, as we see him doing every day and as he proposed weeks ago. Back and forth in a long series of schizo-contradictions. His supporters are mirror images and will not be changed by the obvious. Keeping him out of office will depend on the vote of every sane person in America. And there is no point in wasting votes on alternative candidates with no chance of election.
Our abiding purpose must be to defeat this monster. Whatever it takes, lets do it.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qjGv6exoKkw. This is the link to the Liberal Redneck videos where you will find wonderful humor with great veracity.

Taos Town Council Slithers Into Dictatorship

The universal zeitgeist is extremely right wing and proud of it. And it’s not just Washington, London and Paris. This mentality is spreading its tentacles into every nook and cranny of our lives. It certainly isn’t hard to see the ramifications in Taos where government is in dictatorship mode.

Transparency loses in Taos as some meetings go private by Ken Manning details in the 6/23 Taos News how Taos Town Council voted to amend the town code regarding public meetings, restricting the public from attending meetings of the Development Review Committee. “Town Manager Rick Bellis was adamant that the public be cut out.” Guess he and 3 other council members, including the mayor were generally pissed at losing their effort to expand Smith’s Grocery and locate cheap housing across an enormous expanse of open green pasture land with historical significance. Did I mention that the location was in the center of town?

Appearing in the My Turn section, the article explains the new restrictions: “The public would no longer be able to attend meetings, nor be made aware that such meetings were to occur.” No agenda will be posted; no minutes will be taken. The town attorney told them closed meetings violate NM Open Meetings Act and the Town Council ignored him.

Strangely enough Taosanos don’t seem to give a rat’s ass. I received no replies from locals to posts made on Facebook. And the folks I talked with in person were not interested in even reading about the matter so I contacted the man always in the know – Bill Whaley – and asked what on earth is happening and he replied: “We have entered a new era of profound apathy. You can’t lead this horse to water, he or she ain’t thirsty.” (Check out Bill’s online political journal at Taosfriction.com).

The purpose of the Development Review Committee is “to meet regularly with developers to discuss how proposed developments can be approved.” Why would they want to bring extreme uglies to a unique, culturally rich community if not for some kind of kick-back from development siting, whether a big box Walmart or one more fast food restaurant or Family Dollar?

My hackles have always gone up when encountering dictatorships that forcibly promote developers and corporate entities. But apathy in the face of such hideous control is beyond comprehension. Somehow it reminds one of the Germans living downwind of concentration camps ignoring the odor of burning flesh and pretending to smell nothing. Yes that is an extreme comparison but apathy toward dictatorship is identical in function, or so it seems to this writer.

Have never been able to understand the quality of local government representing this community. It’s been an unfortunate array of questionable mentality for decades, but never has such disrespect of residents occurred to my knowledge. Fortunately, in Taos the people always rule – one way or another. They have a history of stopping the uglies just as they stopped the expansion of Walmart and Smiths. I am confident the locals will awaken and take action in a timely manner. The news regarding Town Council slithering will sneak past their restrictions one way of the other. All will be revealed.

Uneducated, Sadistic Masochists

In 1976 a great political film Network should have prepared us for the corporate control we experience today. It couldn’t have been more spot on with Peter Finch as Howard Beale, a network news anchorman urging viewers to get up out of their chairs, go to the window and scream “I’m as mad as hell and I’m not going to take this anymore.” Yup, pretty much exactly how I’m feeling these days.

It is truly a prophetic vision of today’s world and certainly indicates the process of overthrowing democracy was well under way 40 years ago. Reading the following quotes from the Paddy Chayefsky screenplay is chilling.

“There are no nations; there are no peoples; there are no Russians; there are no Arabs; there are no Third Worlds; there is no West. There is only one holistic system of systems, one vast and insane, interwoven, interacting, multivariate, multinational dominion of dollars. It is the international system of currency which determines the totality of life on this planet.

That is the natural order of things today. That is the atomic and subatomic and galactic structure of things today. There is no America, there is no democracy. There is only IBM and AT&T and DuPoint, Dow, Union Carbide and Exxon. Those are the nations of the world today.

There are many new nations of the world in 2016, led by banks that practically annihilated the middle class in 2008. Bank of America is at the top of the most powerful banks list with Bank of New York Mellon, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase boogieing up close behind. And who knew that Wal-mart, Target and General Electric are the top 3 on the Top 50 list.

The 2016 primary season gave opportunity to vote for a man devoted to overthrowing corporate control of our so-called democracy but the corporate shill won the race with minorities who stood to gain the most from his presidency choosing to support her against their own best interests. Amazing! And now we are left with a choice between two gold worshiping corporate entities who base decisions on the dollar. Money rules and the masses continue to make it possible.

It would be great if someone launched an effective once a month NO BUY day. If millions participated it would put a kink in the accelerating lust of the corporate nations of 2016. It’s heartbreaking that all indications point in the opposite direction; we are uneducated sadistic masochists voting for our mirror images. What a bloody shame for the millennials who are more aware of what is going on than the older generations.

Remember what happened to the protagonist in Network? His audience eventually became depressed by his words and tuned out while his network determined he must die and killed him on camera. Kinda reminds one of Obama’s overt attack on whistle-blowers as we caress our couches and recliners watching it all go down on the TV screen greatly responsible for the current state of affairs.

Waking Up Seniors

Scratching just lightly beneath the surface of Hillary Clinton’s career reveals the empirical evidence of her historic support for aggressive interventions around the globe.“ Webster G. Tarpley, historian and foreign policy analyst.

This might appear off the subject of over70 population but it’s appropriate seeing as how the elderly population is supporting Clinton in what I consider a grave error of judgment based on fear of radical change and fear of the unknown in general. Seems like there would be more fear generated by supporting the status-quo of the past 8 years.

It’s important to look at the heart of the matter which certainly must include the compassion of the candidate as revealed through voting and advocacy history. And close scrutiny of current policies of candidates is a mandatory focus for anyone interested in the truth of the matter.

The important issues for most seniors are health care and social security both of which have received the bum’s rush in 2015: SSI received no cost of living increase and Medicare insurance payments have increased over 50%. Clinton has repeatedly stated she wants to maintain the status-quo of Obama’s policies. So you can definitely expect more of the same with her presidency.

Part B premiums are expected to rise a minimum of 52% , from $104 to $160 for millions of seniors. There are millions of seniors without insurance because Part B is much too high for a minimum SSI check. Clinton says the single payer insurance advocated by Sanders is a pipe dream, a pipe dream we know to be working in most civilized countries across the planet. How would Sanders pay for such an advancement: make the 1% pay their fair share of taxes.

SSI cost of living increases did not occur 3 years of the past 40 – 2010, 2011 and 2016. It may become a trend if Clinton wins because she does loudly proclaim her plan to maintain Obama’s way of doing things. OMG! It promises another 4 years of wars and inequity for seniors at all levels. Seems like the handwriting is on the walls all around us.

Clinton’s warmongering is well documented! She is known in enlightened circles as the “international neocon warmonger”. See Tarpley’s analysis with details at http://www.voltairenet.org/article187315.html in which he lists her actions as Sect of State. And then we have her vote in favor of the Iraq war which she claims was a mistake on her part. She has made many mistakes in supporting such issues as trade agreements, gas pipelines, Monsanto expansion, fracking, GMO foods, international bankers and corrupt voting practices. She is named “the most corrupt politician of 2015” by Watchdog group at USA News, see: http://www.usapoliticstoday.com/watchdog.

Seniors! Are you really sure Clinton is the candidate for you? Do you really want someone well known for corrupt practices and lack of compassion for the poorest of the poor? Do you want someone with a record of non-interest in elderly issues? Please research Clinton’s record on all the issues mentioned herein and I’m confident you must agree that Bernie is the only viable candidate.

Remember there have already been 2 sort of miraculous events that occurred in support of Bernie. First was the Birdie Bird in Seattle and now the invitation to visit the Pope. He leaves for Rome on the 16th and depending on what happens over there, the NY primary could be impacted by this event.

Practice What You Preach!

It is exhilarating to experience Bernie winning 15 states in primaries across America.Thank goodness he is focused on stopping the transformation of the US into a fascist oligarchy under the rule of corporations in the forms of Trump, international banking conglomerates, and the Republican Party. Bernie is our only opportunity for reclaiming the US as a Democratic nation; His concerns should be the concern of all freedom loving Americans.

We need a President who practices what he/she preaches and that is not Clinton. By now her dishonesty should have forced her out of the running. But folks don’t give mind to the admonition: Practice what you preach. Match up your actions with your words; be who you say you are. Who are you? No one can know who Clinton really is or what she would do in office. She’s a bigger flip-floppier than George Bush, remember him?

TV media urges democratic voters to support Clinton with the caveat: she is not trustworthy. Her supporters would need to be brain dead to trust her. Good heavens! What did she say in the Goldman-Sachs speeches? They earned her millions in 2014 alone. She knows the tone of the speeches very well; she knew what was necessary to answer the bankers call to make millions. And she will keep it a secret, count on it unless the people demand otherwise.

Where is the recording of her speaking engagements? We know it exists somewhere. Events of this nature are always recorded and probably videoed. Bankers usually get what their millions demand. They don’t give anything away.

Clinton’s hypocrisy is experienced by many as disrespect of our common-sense. For example, she continues to attack the evil of hedge fund managers, threatening to go after them when president. Is she going to prosecute her son in law? Will she continue support of fracking, Monsanto, unregulated banking, out sourcing jobs and war in the middle east?

Practice what you preach is really applicable to Christians who are claimed to make up 80% of the US population. Hopefully many can be found at the Sander’s rallies cheering his victories. But many are the folks who make up the born-again Bible belt, spewing vitriolic racial prejudice and homophobic, war mongering epitaphs. And just as their leader Thumping Trumper, they claim to know the laws of their lord and savior Jesus Christ and by God they are here to protect these fundamentals of western civilization. Somebody should inform them of separation of church and state.

Can Trump Christians be shown the error of their ways? Christ taught the opposite of everything they practice. They are arch-hypocrites working for their own worst interests while performing slave labor for the 1% in control of their lives. We need their vote. There must be a way to reveal the virtues of Bernie’s life: he practices what he preaches – equality for all. Here’s to a landslide victory in Wisconsin and on to my home state New York.

#BernieBird Power

“I sing because I’m happy, I sing because I’m free,
For His eye is on the sparrow, and I know He watches me.”

Not only does the Bernie sparrow carry symbolic significance, it really is a miracle of sorts created by the very mysterious quantum world of swirling frequencies and pulsing magnetic energy. I’m certain the great Shaman of the universe will eventually have much to say about this magnificent event as will quantum physicists who study the true nature of the invisible world manifesting into realities of extraordinary consequence.

I mentioned to a friend that the Berniebird could possibly change the outcome of the election and she was shocked at my naivety saying it will only have an effect on the religious. Well I rest my case. If it effects the born-agains it will carry great power. But it has to do with more than belief or faith; it has to do with a tiny sparrow flying down into a screaming mob of perhaps 10,000 people and landing practically on the hand of Bernie Sanders.

Where did the tiny bird come from? There were no trees or house gables in view, just thousands of screaming people; hardly an attraction to a tiny little bird. And how did the tiny one find its way to Bernie out of all those folks. The crowd in attendance knew the significance of the experience, they knew it was an event that had never ever happened before in a similar circumstance or any circumstance for that matter.

It is definitely an event that will never be recreated, even if someone had a trained, tiny wild bird; how could they possibly make it fly across the crowd and set down only inches from the great man. I imagine Hillary has her entire team working on someway, anyway to create a similar event at her next large gathering. But what little bird could be attracted to the energy she generates and that’s what it’s all about isn’t it? The local zeitgeist moved the tiny one into a monumental position to highlight Bernie’s great significance.

Readers familiar with energy transmission as presented by McTaggart in The Field are familiar with the idea that all living creatures communicate within particular energy ranges which is why birds of a feather flock together as do all creatures of a feather. This general understanding is also underscored in the 100th monkey scenario, Sheldrake’s morphogenetic fields, and other theories concerned with monumental transmutations.

And isn’t it typical of the current news media to totally ignore this event. Those not tuned into the original Seattle speech or a computer screen probably missed the experience. This is why it’s so important to circulate the videos showing the tiny one in action.

Birds of a Feather


Remember the old saying dating back to Plato birds of a feather flock together; those birds are crawling out of the woodwork now to support Trump. Millions of them are voting for their mirror images and reinforcing longings for Trump’s realities and objectives. This is the scariest part of the scenario: the millions who admire this fascist baboon, and I choose my words with great care.

1/4 of the population known as Tea Party members are surely among his supporters. These folks are described as over 50, educated, upper middle class, racist, church attending Christians who over-populate California, Texas, Florida, Ohio and New York. The lowest density is in North Dakota, Vermont, South Dakota, Rhode Island and Dist of Columbia. Interesting to note Ted Cruz is an active member of the Tea Party. So one doesn’t have much choice within the Republican line-up.

Another arena of support for Trump and Clinton is the deep south with the unifying factor being Evangelical Christianity. I grew up in the south and returned there to run a newspaper for eight years. I can say from personal experience: it is a racist, backward arena full of brainwashed born again Christians. So of course many of the early primaries occur in these overpopulated (more votes) landscapes of Dark-Age thinking. The locations have been chosen by the 1% in control of almost everything in America and they know oh so much about Christian ethics and how to pull the chains of prejudice.

I find Christianity an unfortunate institution along with all religions that perpetuate violence in the world. Shocking conclusion? I don’t think so, as witnessed by history of religion and American politics throughout the ages. The veil has been lifted in the 21st Century and it will be hard to ignore the facts vibrating around us. The Internet and social media have recorded the ugly realities for all to see. I continue to wonder why Christians haven’t found the plug into the spirit of love as the philosophy of Jesus in the New Testament. Wouldn’t it be great if Christians practiced what Jesus preached? All their hideous prejudice would be gone in a flash and control-freak mentality would melt into unconditional compassion for all life.

1985, driving across the south on my return to Georgia I remember so clearly….. thinking – there’s a church on every corner of settled real estate; this place must glow in the dark. Wrong! Oh how wrong. No way could I have been prepared for Christian ethics. Yes indeedy, I could tell stories about preachers vocalizing unimaginable prejudice against blacks, gays, women – and politicians advocating and implementing the very worse environmental policies and proud of it. And like most freely elected demigods they imprison their faithful in Christian dogma employed to control the believers. Politicians and preachers know how to work all systems. And on it goes throughout time – decade after decade, century after century.

How can born-again Christians vote for a man Jesus would have thrown out of the temple along with the merchants and bankers(money changers)? How can Christians vote for Republicans who are well known adversaries against the poorest of the poor, Social Security, obvious global warming, elderly care, single payer health insurance, gay rights, pro-choice on and on. It is said the favorite news channel for born-again Christians and the elderly is Fox news; how terribly unfortunate. I don’t watch Fox news, it makes me sick but word has it folks treasure their Fox. How come? How can you support those working against our best interests at every possible level?

Bernie says his religion is “do unto others as you would have them do unto you” as Jesus spoke in the Sermon on the Mount. Interestingly, Mosaic law has a similar admonition: “Whatever is hurtful to you, do not do to any other person.” Think about it Christians when deciding who you will vote for; listen carefully to self-serving statements and make wise decisions.

It’s important to observe body language when viewing the presidential debates. Much is revealed in gesture and facial expression. That’s why in an earlier post I suggested turning off the sound and viewing facial expression. Having canvassed friends it seems much of this valuable info is being missed by listening primarily to words. For example, after Bernie’s concluding remarks at the Miami debate Hillary was filmed laughing directly at the cheering crowd giving him a standing ovation. It was an arrogant, smirky smile full of disrespect for the people at large. She and George Bush were very good at creating this particular look. It gets to the heart of the matter.

According to Langer Research Associates Clinton has a problem with honesty and trustworthiness and yet folks generally prefer her personality to Sanders, a strange oxymoron indicating some find deception an attractive personality trait. Isn’t it amazing the extreme difference in perception regarding evidence in plain view. Once again I urge you to watch all the candidates without sound and also look at what they have stood for through the years. For example Clinton is known as the Bride of Frankenfood because of her support of Monsanto and GMOs. Good heavens! Even livestock always choose non GMO grains when given a choice between the two.

Supposedly over 78% of America is Christian. Please excuse the platitude but actions do speak louder than words and current world opinion finds America supporting fascist ideals and lacking in compassion for the disadvantaged wherever they may be. Facilitating world bankers creating the 1% in control of America’s destiny is not compatible with New Testament Christianity.

For the first time since FDR we have the opportunity to transform our landscape by voting for a man of and for the people. Bernie has a lifetime record of standing against war and fighting for the masses. And here’s hoping there are enough birds of a feather to sail him onto victory.
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Seniors Must Rally Against Fascism!


The Republicans have been fiercely revitalized by the Trump campaign, coming out in enormous numbers to support him. Who are these people supporting a man publicly admired by the KKK, Holocaust deniers, racists, redneck ignorance and born-again schemers. The other Republican candidates are no better; can you even imagine a Republican presidency? Elders are urged to become involved; there is so much we can do.

For example a friend, 67 years old, wore a Bernie button to the market and scores of folks approached her during her shop-about referring to the button, giving her the opportunity to discuss why she was for Bernie and how important this election is for the future of the planet. It’s hard to believe seniors could ever support a Republican and in particular Trump; we know better! I urge a revolt that could occur if a majority of elders go to the polls and register their horror at the fascist leanings of all the Republican candidates.

Yes, these folks have always been here, going back to beyond the carpetbaggers – but now they are mad as hell after 8 years of a black president and they are on the move as never before. And everything represented by their vitriolic speeches is headed to a local government near you – if it hasn’t already arrived in full force. It has certainly arrived in my home town big-time and I imagine the greed-head militants are active where you are.

I learned much about these folks when starting a newspaper in middle Georgia in 1987. It was shocking to watch a state that had always voted Democratic going Republican; the racial prejudice openly expressed to me in somewhat confidence was almost as shocking as the KKK rallies held on the courthouse steps. I came up with a response phrase: “You’re talking to the wrong person.”

Many of us are weary of the political arena and think: no more! We’ve been disappointed so many times throughout the years and now we’re sick of the downward spiraling of political philosophy into the grimiest gutters imaginable; much easier to turn off TV and pull the covers over our heads but we must rouse ourselves and rally to a cause for greater truth and responsibility to the poor and middle class; responsibility to the environment and peace in our time. So unless you want your grandchildren to develop under the leadership of P.T. Barnum get up off the couch and vote for Bernie.

Trump the Narcissist


The Trump for president movement is revealing about those who support him. If it’s true we support what we personally identify with we have more than enough narcissists
in our vast population to influence the future of humanity. And although I know Trump doesn’t have a chance of being president, it’s sure scary to see so many middle class folks identifying with a man driven by a great love for himself. He has all the traits of Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

The symptoms of this disorder stack up as follows:
Reacts to criticism with anger, shaming and humiliation of critic.
Exaggerates own importance, achievements and talents
Takes advantage of others to reach his or her own goals
Disregards feelings of others, lacks empathy and pursues selfish goals.

Trump has never made an appearance without expressing the above symptoms and thousands love him for these very traits which they view as expressing the antithesis of establishment Washington. Nothing could be further from the truth.. He has little interest in anything that doesn’t glorify pushing his money brand across the planet.

One might wonder why Trump hasn’t tempered his obnoxious qualities to appear more in line with acceptable presidential behavior. It will never happen because he has no boundaries or vision of what he really looks like. But the most unfortunate quality is his total lack of empathy for the terminally poor who identify with him.

What Republican candidate can an aware, intelligent, compassionate person identify with. The only one who comes close is Kasich who appears to be a fairly normal, intelligent and compassionate person. But then I’m not a Republican so I don’t know too much about him. But I do know the others are too much like Trump to be viable candidates. Vote for Bernie!

Why Vote for Bernie?

I can’t imagine why seniors would vote for Clinton; Bernie is the only viable candidate. Sanders has a very long history of advocating for seniors in congress and that record is available on the internet for all to see. And what do you think of Clinton’s refusal to release transcripts of speeches she gave for Goldman-Sachs and all those other bankers not to mention her great love of Monsanto and trade agreements that outsource jobs to China, Mexico and beyond.

Isn’t it time for serious change, the kind of change we have not seen since FDR. It’s so obvious Clinton is rehashing old concepts and unacceptable ideas. There are intuitive approaches to viewing Sanders vs Clinton in action. Turn off the TV sound and watch their faces; you will see Clinton’s extremely angry, arrogant and self-serving image whereas Sanders expresses objective intensity.

Next turn on the sound and listen with closed eyes. What do you hear? I hear condescension, and narcissistic aggrandizement from Clinton; I mean can you imagine having to listen to that sharp, grinding voice for 4 years?

Please look at Congressional Records of both candidates on security issues. It gives a great indication of future realities; if you favor war be sure to vote for Clinton. Sanders voted against all recent wars. Truth is in the actions taken.

Sanders major theme concerns correcting the truly horrifying imbalance in the financial world; he will take on the enormous economic and political power of billionaires and bankers known as the 1% controlling a vast majority of $$$$in the world. Which brings me to some perplexing questions regarding strange political alliances that continue to make no real sense. Why do the terminally poor support the Republican Party which is dedicated to low wages, outsourcing jobs, toxic drinking water and big-bankers? And why would the elderly support Hillary Clinton who is a hawk in snugly sheep’s clothing? I cannot recall any support she has given the elderly in all her many years in leadership roles. I do not see her as a friend of the elderly or the environment. Did I miss something?

Bernie is the only candidate devoted to the poor and middle class. He has always wanted to increase social security and lower the cost of health care for everyone. He is the only candidate who supports the single payer health coverage system. Every other civilized country in the world has it why not America?

We never saw the great change that Obama promised. But we will see great change for the good of poor and middle class and the world at large if Bernie is elected. The demographers say the 17 – 24 population is in Bernies camp and the seniors and terminally poor are in Hillary’s. We’ve got to change that proclivity and make what is obviously the best decision for our future: Elect Bernie.