Rattlesnakes Are On the Move Again


Spring, fall and winter have always been preferred over summer……never a favorite. But nowadays spring is on the hot side and rattlesnakes are on the move again. Recently got word of numerous sightings and yes I find it a little alarming. Two years ago my chihuahua was bitten, with fang marks on each side of her ankle. She probably didn’t see the dastardly creature; I sure didn’t. Eighteen years with no snake encounters and all of a sudden they’re everywhere. Kinda in keeping with the times in general I guess.

I recall that June afternoon two years ago as though it was yesterday. Bunny was in her enclosed yard for approximately 15 minutes before appearing at the door with a sausage sized back leg. I thought a spider bit her; rattlers were not on my mind. They should have been: a neighbor’s dog had been bitten several weeks earlier.

We rushed to the vet office where Dr.Felser pointed out it was not a spider bite. Fang marks were evident with venom still dripping from the two holes. The process of saving her was a nightmare. The swelling went down in hours but the extreme pain remained for more than a month. So I’m currently in rattler prevention mode; lots to do!

Rattlers can’t see or hear. They sense vibrations as threat to life so mole repeller stakes have been put in place beneath the ground around the fence line. They are vibing: danger, stop where you are! Now I’m working on this years addition to my snake offensive: Osha Root.

Snakes have an excellent sense of smell. It is their primary sense and one of the odors they hate the most is Osha Root. Native American runners tied Osha Root to their moccasins for protection against the poisonous strike. Sounds like a great idea.

Breaking up the very hard root demands a sharp hacker. The larger pieces are attached to waxed cord and hung from the fence at ground level. Powder and chips are sprinkled along the fence line, dropping down into the dry grass. hopefully it won’t blow away.

Found some tiny, porous medicine pouches to fill with Osha chips and attach to dog halters. I have no idea if this is going to work but I’m willing to try anything. Anything! Which reminds me: activated charcoal is needed to absorb the venom while racing to the vet office. I have the homeopathic remedies ready to go. They were very helpful throughout the first experience.

The snake threat does change the daily hiking experience. Bunny loves to race through the forest of high grass and undergrowth. I cannot allow my fears to restrict our greatest pleasures together. I’ve been hiking with dogs for 16 years with no problems. It takes meditative focus to keep one life threatening experience from ruining our romping about in the great outdoors.

I look forward to that first deep frost in the fall. It means the slitherers will take refuge and my little dogs will be safe once again. Right now I need a soothsayer to cast a radical spell across the land. Seriously.

Thinking about soothsayers reminds me of the ancient Egyptians who called ravenous rattlers demons and made them the guardians of the 12 gates in the after-world. If the demon snakes determined one’s heart impure the trip toward Osiris was ended only to begin anew with the next sunrise in hell. I’m sure snakes were well chosen for the job.

Mindblowing “Proof” of Deadly Chemtrails; Please Watch!

The video posted above is a mind-blowing and must watch video. The first two speakers give basic info on the phenomenon. Then comes the mindblowing stuff regarding how aluminum in chemtrails, used to keep them aloft, is sitting on internal magnesium receptors and thereby replacing them, making it mandatory to take magnesium. Magnesium and potassium are perhaps the two most important minerals in the body. If you don’t know their importance – read up. Their absence can cause serious illness and death.

When I first moved to Taos back in ’95 I started writing about chemtrails. The Taos News wouldn’t publish anything so I posted on a local internet bulletin board, Laplaza and got no response from anyone. Then Bill Whaley started Horsefly journal and I started writing about them on a regular basis. You can find a copy of Poisoned Skies at Janeodin.com. Click on commentary and scroll down. You’ll find some interesting info.

The only initial response I received was from Mieshiel (Scott) Murray and his parents Pintki and John. Mieshiel and I did a project (I forget the name) at a local gallery and later Murray gave a presentation at TCA. Now a new group in Taos, Take Back Our Skyhas been doing a good job getting the word out. Sigrid Erika is the leader of this group. I hope they are receiving a better response than I did back in the ’90s.

Back then I pointed to chemtrails hundreds of times and had nothing but denials of what the viewers were very clearly seeing. I know folks who deny having said “you’re crazy; why would the government or anyone else spray the skies with toxic chemicals?” or “oh it’s just weather modification. Hope it brings rain” I have an astounding memory. I do believe the above video will clear the air with the truth of the matter. At last!

There is much info from noted authorities from several disciplines on the video. So much I didn’t know even with years of research etc. But the most horrifying blast is they are using nano particles to seed the sky-ways and we have no protection. The nanos can pass through face masks and absorb through the skin.Their admonition to take magnesium daily should be considered. I would also include potassium on that must take list.

Please check out the video. It’s a year old which is not a good sign regarding getting the news out. I haven’t seen anything on national news. Perhaps in another 10 years the media and other sleepy-time observers will discover the relevance of aluminum to the Alzheimer’s epidemic; aluminum is the culprit. At which point it may or may not become viral information.

What Scares Are Blowing in the Wind?

Late summer and winter of 2015 I had a succession of strange flu like illnesses. I say strange because the first one was severe, appeared without warning, producing laryngitis and hacking cough, forcing a trip to Urgent Care where it was immediately diagnosed as micoplazma, a most unusual disease that can switch back and forth between virus and bacteria. Interestingly, I was told by Urgent Care there was an epidemic of micoplazma pneumonia in the area at the time.

The horror of it was the pathway it seemed to create for several flu like episodes that returned every few months for a total of 4 experiences. I though I was doomed, a product of my aged immune system which had always protected me with great vigilance. I had not had a respiratory illness in over 20 years and was in very good health – so it was quite shocking.

During this time I had been hiking everyday with my little dogs, forcing myself to go out on extremely windy days. I don’t like strong wind, never have and certainly not the kind of wind that blows across NM, whipping up dust visible from many miles away. I have worn wrap-around sunglasses for many years to protect my eyes.

I haven’t been ill for months now and I attribute it to my refusal to walk about in heavy winds. An unfortunate dilemma; winds in NM have increased astronomically over the past couple of years and 2016 is a real humdinger. Our spring winds are up in the 35 – 60 mph range, carrying all manner of particulate matter from all over the world.

Flu-like symptoms are a frequent response to airborn toxins ranging from pesticides, neurotoxins, chemtrails, virus’, bacteria, fire retardant, on and on according to Dr. Leonard Horowitz writing in Death in the Air and Emerging Viruses. Patients describe similar symptoms throughout his books.

Northern NM residents face possibilities for blowing biological weapons and radioactive particles. We live in the center of Star Wars research at Los Alamos, Sandia Labs and Kirtland Airforce base. Winds blowing north from Los Alamos carry all manner of deadly particulate matter. This should be obvious. In past years depleted uranium and beryllium were burned on site and carried for miles on blowing winds. Who knows what is coming out of there now,

Children and over70s are very susceptible to airborne toxins; our immune systems are not strong enough to withstand the bombardment of everything blowing in from California agriculture, Japan, Monsanto corn-lands, neighborhood Miracle Grow fertilizers, manure and sources mentioned earlier.

Flu-like symptoms seem to be a major clue that wind blown particulates are taking you down. It might be a good idea to always wear sunglasses that protect eyes and simple, coal filter face masks
when facing severe winds. Mds will definitely poo-poo the idea but they don’t have all the answers. If I had relied on the eye doctor for an iritis cure I would still be waiting. In fact he told me there was no cure for my reoccurring condition. Soon as I started wearing the wrap-arounds the condition stopped occurring.

The Force of Gravity is Increasing

Look around – determine for yourself. No testing done here – just simple observation. Skin, muscle. fat layers are falling, rolling down to the waist area, creating a round ball slogging down the path. It must be increasing gravity because I’ve weighed the identical amount for the past 7 years. What to do, what to do?

With extra dollars one can have a face and body-lift and yank all that skin back into place. But still it’s a futile struggle because within five years the skin will have dropped back into jowls, double chins and marionette mouths. It’s demoralizing. There isn’t much to be done about it – other than radically transforming one’s internal point of view.

Losing weight doesn’t solve the problem of accumulating rolls around the middle. Moderate daily exercise doesn’t touch it. Ten pounds lost and the rolls persist. I’m not interested in lifting weights at the local gym or getting a personal trainer. They both cost money and when one lives on SSI there is nothing left over for such luxuries.

And the face – what a scary sight. I force myself to apply organic face cream, certainly not one of the so called miracle $300 an oz creams. Never used them. But I’ve found nothing works as promised. How could they? All the models seen with so called rejuvenated faces are in their early 20’s; not hard to rejuvenate. Common sense says that when over70 there is basically little to do but love what one has and let go of past expectations.

Nothing lasts forever; we’re just a passing through. To ignore the change and pretend things the same, brings shock, pain and the blues. Ah, it’s so much easier to let it all go when reaching that certain age. No need to hoard past expectations of beauty and true romance cause there’s no way of returning to those precious moments long past.

There is some comfort knowing I am not alone in coping with the ravages of time. Basically it doesn’t matter in the greater scheme of things such as family, friends, good health and joyful endeavors. One of those joyful endeavors is getting to know oneself better with each passing day and letting go of everything you can’t take with you on the mysterious trip into infinity where the force of gravity will no long hold sway.

There is something to be done for the future. Take as much cash as possible out of the bank and squirrel it away before they close the doors and your money disappears into a very black hole. If you know about black holes – you know there is no return. It’s kinda like that gravity problem. Meanwhile google: banks deny withdrawals. It’s an interesting subject.

Getting Friendly With the Grim Reaper

“We behave as if we are never going to die – an infantile arrogance. But even more injurious than this sense of immortality is what comes with it: the sense that we can engulf this inconceivable universe with our minds………Our goal is to reach infinity and be aware of it.” Castaneda, The Active Side of Infinity

There are endless accounts of what to expect after death – everything from a maintaining of appearance as we rejoin with family, friends and spiritual masters in a heaven of endless magnificence – to the other extreme of grotesque tortures experienced as punishment for bad karma. Threats of a fiery hell have always been used to keep the masses under control and have nothing to do with preparation for after death realities.

Death and dying should not be thought of as a taboo subject. Try bringing it up in conversation and see the reaction; you are immediately perceived as negative. Yet, recognizing death as a constant companion is a first step toward experiencing a fearless encounter with one’s final reality which can come without warning at any moment.

A rewarding first step in developing a friendship with the so called grim reaper is Stephen Levine who dedicated his life to work with death, dying and grief, writing about the process in numerous books such as Who Dies? and A Year to Live, combining Buddhist principals with other wisdom traditions. In Who Dies? he writes, “Who is prepared to die? Who has lived so fully that they are not threatened by their imaginings of nonexistence? For it is only the idea of death that frightens us. It is the unknown we pull back from.”

Another master of the subject is Carlos Castaneda, the author of a series of life changing books. For those who think of him as an unremarkable hippie guru I turn to Deepak Chopra who wrote “Carlos Castaneda is one of the most profound and influential thinkers of this century. His insights are paving the way for the future evolution of human consciousness. We should all be deeply indebted to him.”

The Active Side of Infinity, Castaneda’s final book is concerned with aspects of death and dying focused on dying in full consciousness. Don Juan called the death experience the definitive journey and described life after death as “a concrete region filled to capacity with practical affairs of a different order.” Preparation for entrance into the active side of infinity includes close examination of one’s life in search of memorable, life changing events of an objective nature. He describes the type of acceptable events with great clarity.

The other major activity in preparation for death is to leave no debt unpaid which sent Carlos on a journey to find all his benefactors and gift them in a magnificent manner. It is an incredible book of much value to those planning to die at some point in the near or distant future.

If there is an afterlife it is certainly determined by one’s energetic configuration at the time of death. This frequency is enhanced by love and joy – and lowered by fear, anger, and ungratified longings. One’s life’s work is to assure a frequency of bright radiance at the moment of death that will gravitate toward energy of a similar nature in the stratosphere and beyond. Embracing impermanence and change, releasing material attachments and creating a loving nature establish a good path toward a higher frequency and peaceful death experience. And this is no small task in today’s world.

It’s good to keep in daily contact with the following wisdom-cliches because they monitor deep realities. Although it will appear quite simplistic, try repeating these phrases from time to time and notice how your awareness transforms: Nothing lasts forever; we are just passing through; you can’t take it with you; live each moment as though your last; make love not war. Basically everything fades into a new and brilliantly unknown reality.

Medical Directives Are Very Important for Elderly

Wealthy folks with excellent health care and wishing to live forever may not find the joy in this information that prompted me to laugh and dance about with great happiness. I now feel so much better prepared for the future; Be Prepared has always been a highly respected motto.

I do not want under any circumstances to end up in the care of western medicine in a hospital or retirement home after having a stroke or heart attack. I’ve heard too many nightmare stories about way over 70 folks going into hospital with serious illness and coming out in much worse condition, particularly when on Medicaid. Often they end up in horribly depressing recovery elderly homes.

Have you visited one of these places where folks sit or lie around staring into space, eating horrible food with no quality recreation such as meditation and yoga therapy. Places where patients don’t even speak to each other when face to face at meal time. They are silent, pallid faced captives waiting to die. It is truly hideous.

I’ve had a medical directive for many years but always knew that in an emergency situation the EMTs attending my unconscious body would do everything to revive me and take me to hospital. Exactly what I do not want. A directive in my safety deposit box or a closet drawer was not going to do the job. Then I learned the process in other states and got busy creating it for myself since there is no statewide registry in New Mexico. They are a little behind on a lot of issues. to say the least.

In Oregon after your directive is recorded at your local hospital you receive a packet with various sized stickers and notices to put on your door and in your wallet and wherever responders might see your directive reference. So I brought the directive to my local hospital and they put it on file. Next I made up some notices in bold print which read as follows.

“Emergency Medical Directive
I have a medical directive that states: Do not resuscitate or take to hospital for any reason. The only assistance I want is pain meds if necessary. Copy of directive found at holy Cross Hospital, Centinel Bank safety deposit box and dresser drawer in closet.”

A copy of this statement is now taped to my front door and in a noticeable spot in my wallet. I feel prepared now for any eventuality. Sure hope it works; can’t imagine the alternative of living in a semi-vegetative state for the final days, weeks, years of my life.

I can’t believe anyone wants these circumstances yet millennials are very prone to allow family members to go through hellacious hospital experiences and/or to slowly rot in old age mausoleums. In this respect I am very fortunate. I have no living family members to imprison me in one place or another.

Of course it looks a little crazy for a very healthy person to have a notice of this nature taped to glass front door but that’s OK. Whatever is necessary to get the job done until there is a system here like exists in the very advanced state of Oregon. All states should have state wide registries. But somehow that might defeat the dreams of big pharma and western medicine in general.

Waking Up Seniors

Scratching just lightly beneath the surface of Hillary Clinton’s career reveals the empirical evidence of her historic support for aggressive interventions around the globe.“ Webster G. Tarpley, historian and foreign policy analyst.

This might appear off the subject of over70 population but it’s appropriate seeing as how the elderly population is supporting Clinton in what I consider a grave error of judgment based on fear of radical change and fear of the unknown in general. Seems like there would be more fear generated by supporting the status-quo of the past 8 years.

It’s important to look at the heart of the matter which certainly must include the compassion of the candidate as revealed through voting and advocacy history. And close scrutiny of current policies of candidates is a mandatory focus for anyone interested in the truth of the matter.

The important issues for most seniors are health care and social security both of which have received the bum’s rush in 2015: SSI received no cost of living increase and Medicare insurance payments have increased over 50%. Clinton has repeatedly stated she wants to maintain the status-quo of Obama’s policies. So you can definitely expect more of the same with her presidency.

Part B premiums are expected to rise a minimum of 52% , from $104 to $160 for millions of seniors. There are millions of seniors without insurance because Part B is much too high for a minimum SSI check. Clinton says the single payer insurance advocated by Sanders is a pipe dream, a pipe dream we know to be working in most civilized countries across the planet. How would Sanders pay for such an advancement: make the 1% pay their fair share of taxes.

SSI cost of living increases did not occur 3 years of the past 40 – 2010, 2011 and 2016. It may become a trend if Clinton wins because she does loudly proclaim her plan to maintain Obama’s way of doing things. OMG! It promises another 4 years of wars and inequity for seniors at all levels. Seems like the handwriting is on the walls all around us.

Clinton’s warmongering is well documented! She is known in enlightened circles as the “international neocon warmonger”. See Tarpley’s analysis with details at http://www.voltairenet.org/article187315.html in which he lists her actions as Sect of State. And then we have her vote in favor of the Iraq war which she claims was a mistake on her part. She has made many mistakes in supporting such issues as trade agreements, gas pipelines, Monsanto expansion, fracking, GMO foods, international bankers and corrupt voting practices. She is named “the most corrupt politician of 2015” by Watchdog group at USA News, see: http://www.usapoliticstoday.com/watchdog.

Seniors! Are you really sure Clinton is the candidate for you? Do you really want someone well known for corrupt practices and lack of compassion for the poorest of the poor? Do you want someone with a record of non-interest in elderly issues? Please research Clinton’s record on all the issues mentioned herein and I’m confident you must agree that Bernie is the only viable candidate.

Remember there have already been 2 sort of miraculous events that occurred in support of Bernie. First was the Birdie Bird in Seattle and now the invitation to visit the Pope. He leaves for Rome on the 16th and depending on what happens over there, the NY primary could be impacted by this event.

Practice What You Preach!

It is exhilarating to experience Bernie winning 15 states in primaries across America.Thank goodness he is focused on stopping the transformation of the US into a fascist oligarchy under the rule of corporations in the forms of Trump, international banking conglomerates, and the Republican Party. Bernie is our only opportunity for reclaiming the US as a Democratic nation; His concerns should be the concern of all freedom loving Americans.

We need a President who practices what he/she preaches and that is not Clinton. By now her dishonesty should have forced her out of the running. But folks don’t give mind to the admonition: Practice what you preach. Match up your actions with your words; be who you say you are. Who are you? No one can know who Clinton really is or what she would do in office. She’s a bigger flip-floppier than George Bush, remember him?

TV media urges democratic voters to support Clinton with the caveat: she is not trustworthy. Her supporters would need to be brain dead to trust her. Good heavens! What did she say in the Goldman-Sachs speeches? They earned her millions in 2014 alone. She knows the tone of the speeches very well; she knew what was necessary to answer the bankers call to make millions. And she will keep it a secret, count on it unless the people demand otherwise.

Where is the recording of her speaking engagements? We know it exists somewhere. Events of this nature are always recorded and probably videoed. Bankers usually get what their millions demand. They don’t give anything away.

Clinton’s hypocrisy is experienced by many as disrespect of our common-sense. For example, she continues to attack the evil of hedge fund managers, threatening to go after them when president. Is she going to prosecute her son in law? Will she continue support of fracking, Monsanto, unregulated banking, out sourcing jobs and war in the middle east?

Practice what you preach is really applicable to Christians who are claimed to make up 80% of the US population. Hopefully many can be found at the Sander’s rallies cheering his victories. But many are the folks who make up the born-again Bible belt, spewing vitriolic racial prejudice and homophobic, war mongering epitaphs. And just as their leader Thumping Trumper, they claim to know the laws of their lord and savior Jesus Christ and by God they are here to protect these fundamentals of western civilization. Somebody should inform them of separation of church and state.

Can Trump Christians be shown the error of their ways? Christ taught the opposite of everything they practice. They are arch-hypocrites working for their own worst interests while performing slave labor for the 1% in control of their lives. We need their vote. There must be a way to reveal the virtues of Bernie’s life: he practices what he preaches – equality for all. Here’s to a landslide victory in Wisconsin and on to my home state New York.

#BernieBird Power

“I sing because I’m happy, I sing because I’m free,
For His eye is on the sparrow, and I know He watches me.”

Not only does the Bernie sparrow carry symbolic significance, it really is a miracle of sorts created by the very mysterious quantum world of swirling frequencies and pulsing magnetic energy. I’m certain the great Shaman of the universe will eventually have much to say about this magnificent event as will quantum physicists who study the true nature of the invisible world manifesting into realities of extraordinary consequence.

I mentioned to a friend that the Berniebird could possibly change the outcome of the election and she was shocked at my naivety saying it will only have an effect on the religious. Well I rest my case. If it effects the born-agains it will carry great power. But it has to do with more than belief or faith; it has to do with a tiny sparrow flying down into a screaming mob of perhaps 10,000 people and landing practically on the hand of Bernie Sanders.

Where did the tiny bird come from? There were no trees or house gables in view, just thousands of screaming people; hardly an attraction to a tiny little bird. And how did the tiny one find its way to Bernie out of all those folks. The crowd in attendance knew the significance of the experience, they knew it was an event that had never ever happened before in a similar circumstance or any circumstance for that matter.

It is definitely an event that will never be recreated, even if someone had a trained, tiny wild bird; how could they possibly make it fly across the crowd and set down only inches from the great man. I imagine Hillary has her entire team working on someway, anyway to create a similar event at her next large gathering. But what little bird could be attracted to the energy she generates and that’s what it’s all about isn’t it? The local zeitgeist moved the tiny one into a monumental position to highlight Bernie’s great significance.

Readers familiar with energy transmission as presented by McTaggart in The Field are familiar with the idea that all living creatures communicate within particular energy ranges which is why birds of a feather flock together as do all creatures of a feather. This general understanding is also underscored in the 100th monkey scenario, Sheldrake’s morphogenetic fields, and other theories concerned with monumental transmutations.

And isn’t it typical of the current news media to totally ignore this event. Those not tuned into the original Seattle speech or a computer screen probably missed the experience. This is why it’s so important to circulate the videos showing the tiny one in action.

HaHaHaHoHo Transforms Disease

I must remember to laugh more. Sometimes its not so easy in the insane word we navigate but then I remember it doesn’t need to be spontaneous, it can be created as an artificial expression and have great positive effects. LOL forever and ever. No better therapy in the world.

Laughter is the easiest, quickest method for achieving internal exercise almost effortlessly. I do enjoy the entertainers that make me laugh but I also know that manufactured laughter creates similar benefits by expanding one’s internal space. Perhaps I should post some reminders around the house: Laugh fool; the jokes on you! Laughter is remarkable therapy as Norman Cousins documented in Anatomy of an Illness where he tells of healing ankylosing spondylitis after Drs had given him 6 months to live.

He reasoned that if stress had made him ill, then laughter should make him feel better, and it did. Sometimes he was in extreme pain and couldn’t sleep but after 10 minutes of “bellyripping laughter” he could fall asleep. After 6 months of watching favorite comedies he was back at work and lived for 16 more years. What a powerful story; think about it: healing life threatening disease with laughter.

Why does laughter heal? The bottom line is expansion; expansion creates release, complete letting go. Internal release is important to well being and should be learned as a technique that can be applied anywhere under any circumstance. Science says laughter increases immune cell count, triggers the release of endorphins and lowers blood sugar levels.

Forced/pretended laughter quickly turns into the real thing. Try it out and notice how the waist expands with each sound. With a hearty laugh the entire body shakes. With all the horror in the world it might be a good idea to do this exercise from time to time throughout the day. It’s hard to feel sad or depressed while laughing.

Where does one find genuine laughter? Unfortunately sitcoms are not my thing. I’ve never been able to watch them. They all seem so forced and boringly strange. But Bill Maher, Jon Stewart, Lewis Black, John Oliver, Robin Williams and many politicians cause the uncontrollable belly-laughts that send healing impulses throughout my tense and tightening body.

Of course my little dogs keep me giggling and most recently the little birdie that visited Bernie Sanders in Wisconsin filled me with joyful laughter and great hope. It renews a belief in miracles. Meanwhile, gotta keep laughing 24/7 in order to overcome the negativity in the world.