Birds of a Feather


Remember the old saying dating back to Plato birds of a feather flock together; those birds are crawling out of the woodwork now to support Trump. Millions of them are voting for their mirror images and reinforcing longings for Trump’s realities and objectives. This is the scariest part of the scenario: the millions who admire this fascist baboon, and I choose my words with great care.

1/4 of the population known as Tea Party members are surely among his supporters. These folks are described as over 50, educated, upper middle class, racist, church attending Christians who over-populate California, Texas, Florida, Ohio and New York. The lowest density is in North Dakota, Vermont, South Dakota, Rhode Island and Dist of Columbia. Interesting to note Ted Cruz is an active member of the Tea Party. So one doesn’t have much choice within the Republican line-up.

Another arena of support for Trump and Clinton is the deep south with the unifying factor being Evangelical Christianity. I grew up in the south and returned there to run a newspaper for eight years. I can say from personal experience: it is a racist, backward arena full of brainwashed born again Christians. So of course many of the early primaries occur in these overpopulated (more votes) landscapes of Dark-Age thinking. The locations have been chosen by the 1% in control of almost everything in America and they know oh so much about Christian ethics and how to pull the chains of prejudice.

I find Christianity an unfortunate institution along with all religions that perpetuate violence in the world. Shocking conclusion? I don’t think so, as witnessed by history of religion and American politics throughout the ages. The veil has been lifted in the 21st Century and it will be hard to ignore the facts vibrating around us. The Internet and social media have recorded the ugly realities for all to see. I continue to wonder why Christians haven’t found the plug into the spirit of love as the philosophy of Jesus in the New Testament. Wouldn’t it be great if Christians practiced what Jesus preached? All their hideous prejudice would be gone in a flash and control-freak mentality would melt into unconditional compassion for all life.

1985, driving across the south on my return to Georgia I remember so clearly….. thinking – there’s a church on every corner of settled real estate; this place must glow in the dark. Wrong! Oh how wrong. No way could I have been prepared for Christian ethics. Yes indeedy, I could tell stories about preachers vocalizing unimaginable prejudice against blacks, gays, women – and politicians advocating and implementing the very worse environmental policies and proud of it. And like most freely elected demigods they imprison their faithful in Christian dogma employed to control the believers. Politicians and preachers know how to work all systems. And on it goes throughout time – decade after decade, century after century.

How can born-again Christians vote for a man Jesus would have thrown out of the temple along with the merchants and bankers(money changers)? How can Christians vote for Republicans who are well known adversaries against the poorest of the poor, Social Security, obvious global warming, elderly care, single payer health insurance, gay rights, pro-choice on and on. It is said the favorite news channel for born-again Christians and the elderly is Fox news; how terribly unfortunate. I don’t watch Fox news, it makes me sick but word has it folks treasure their Fox. How come? How can you support those working against our best interests at every possible level?

Bernie says his religion is “do unto others as you would have them do unto you” as Jesus spoke in the Sermon on the Mount. Interestingly, Mosaic law has a similar admonition: “Whatever is hurtful to you, do not do to any other person.” Think about it Christians when deciding who you will vote for; listen carefully to self-serving statements and make wise decisions.

It’s important to observe body language when viewing the presidential debates. Much is revealed in gesture and facial expression. That’s why in an earlier post I suggested turning off the sound and viewing facial expression. Having canvassed friends it seems much of this valuable info is being missed by listening primarily to words. For example, after Bernie’s concluding remarks at the Miami debate Hillary was filmed laughing directly at the cheering crowd giving him a standing ovation. It was an arrogant, smirky smile full of disrespect for the people at large. She and George Bush were very good at creating this particular look. It gets to the heart of the matter.

According to Langer Research Associates Clinton has a problem with honesty and trustworthiness and yet folks generally prefer her personality to Sanders, a strange oxymoron indicating some find deception an attractive personality trait. Isn’t it amazing the extreme difference in perception regarding evidence in plain view. Once again I urge you to watch all the candidates without sound and also look at what they have stood for through the years. For example Clinton is known as the Bride of Frankenfood because of her support of Monsanto and GMOs. Good heavens! Even livestock always choose non GMO grains when given a choice between the two.

Supposedly over 78% of America is Christian. Please excuse the platitude but actions do speak louder than words and current world opinion finds America supporting fascist ideals and lacking in compassion for the disadvantaged wherever they may be. Facilitating world bankers creating the 1% in control of America’s destiny is not compatible with New Testament Christianity.

For the first time since FDR we have the opportunity to transform our landscape by voting for a man of and for the people. Bernie has a lifetime record of standing against war and fighting for the masses. And here’s hoping there are enough birds of a feather to sail him onto victory.
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Seniors Must Rally Against Fascism!


The Republicans have been fiercely revitalized by the Trump campaign, coming out in enormous numbers to support him. Who are these people supporting a man publicly admired by the KKK, Holocaust deniers, racists, redneck ignorance and born-again schemers. The other Republican candidates are no better; can you even imagine a Republican presidency? Elders are urged to become involved; there is so much we can do.

For example a friend, 67 years old, wore a Bernie button to the market and scores of folks approached her during her shop-about referring to the button, giving her the opportunity to discuss why she was for Bernie and how important this election is for the future of the planet. It’s hard to believe seniors could ever support a Republican and in particular Trump; we know better! I urge a revolt that could occur if a majority of elders go to the polls and register their horror at the fascist leanings of all the Republican candidates.

Yes, these folks have always been here, going back to beyond the carpetbaggers – but now they are mad as hell after 8 years of a black president and they are on the move as never before. And everything represented by their vitriolic speeches is headed to a local government near you – if it hasn’t already arrived in full force. It has certainly arrived in my home town big-time and I imagine the greed-head militants are active where you are.

I learned much about these folks when starting a newspaper in middle Georgia in 1987. It was shocking to watch a state that had always voted Democratic going Republican; the racial prejudice openly expressed to me in somewhat confidence was almost as shocking as the KKK rallies held on the courthouse steps. I came up with a response phrase: “You’re talking to the wrong person.”

Many of us are weary of the political arena and think: no more! We’ve been disappointed so many times throughout the years and now we’re sick of the downward spiraling of political philosophy into the grimiest gutters imaginable; much easier to turn off TV and pull the covers over our heads but we must rouse ourselves and rally to a cause for greater truth and responsibility to the poor and middle class; responsibility to the environment and peace in our time. So unless you want your grandchildren to develop under the leadership of P.T. Barnum get up off the couch and vote for Bernie.

More On Pogo-stick Walking


According to the CDC over 18,000 people die a year from fall related injuries; over 700,000 are hospitalized from falls producing head injury and hip fracture. Those are scary statistics particularly for those of us who enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking across mountainous terrain.  Balance is the primary feature of a safe arrival and this is achieved through body alignment, a low center of gravity, diaphragmatic breathing and bending knees.

A low center of gravity and noticeably bent knees are central to all athletic training. When body weight is centered in the pelvis instead of the high chest, the feet become simultaneously heavy and light. One is sure footed and sensitive to holes in the terrain or obstacles in the path.

When speaking of “bent knees” I don’t mean knees bent like Groucho Marx. The knee should give just a little into a slight bend as one steps onto the foot. Also – when standing, one’s knees should be slightly bent instead of locked straight. Observe a side view of yourself in a mirror, focusing on the lower back. With straight knees you will have a sway back which corrects itself soon as the knees are bent slightly.

An easy way to test balance is to stand near a stable table barefooted and with eyes closed. Lift a foot at least 8 inches off the surface and see how long you can maintain balance. Do it with both feet, one at a time of course, making sure there is something nearby to grab hold of in case you teeter about.

When walking listen to the sound of the feet hitting the surface. A thud sound indicates the entire foot is hitting at once instead of rolling through heel – ball – toe. Observe yourself walking toward a mirror. Each side of your body should be a mirror image of the other side. One side should not be higher or lower than the other. The head should rest in a straight line with the pelvis; not a little in front of the pelvis.The arms swing an equal amount and in similar fashion. Do you waddle side to side kind of like a duck? This problem is particularly noticeable in the overweight group. Imagine a rope attached to the pelvis, pulling slowly forward as you roll through heel, ball, toe.

Physical therapists agree that once you fall it is much easier to fall again. It’s as though a pathway is made to repeat behavior; kinda strange but noted in most studies on the subject. So at least be sure to do the barefoot balancing test mentioned above and determine your physical balance. It may be something you need to work on. It could save you life. Specific exercises are given in earlier post: “How Are You Walking?”

If you are entrenched in pogo-stick walking it can be somewhat difficult to embrace a pelvic centered walk. You have been encouraging a high resting point for your chi (body’s vital energy), making one very top heavy. Maintaining a relaxed and balanced walking style depends on hooking into the pelvic region which initially can be unsettling because it’s the total opposite feeling of what you are used to and we strongly resist change.

Hara, The Vital Center of Man by Karlfried Von Durckheim was the only required reading for classes I taught at NYU. It goes into scholarly detail regarding the philosophy and practice of living from the Hara, which is the point a few inches below the navel. Read it as a spiritual and you will have a good feeling for the experience of being centered in this area of the body. All of this information is greatly expanded in my book Napoleon’s Bathtub.

Saving Lulu


My little dog Lulu is a model of courage as she continues to deal with the ravages of time. Friends knowing her history say she looks fantastic but Lulu and I know what’s going on and how difficult it is for her. Although, with her deafness and senility – her experience of life is way beyond my empirical knowledge.

Lulu has been a little different from the beginning. A majority of wild, ferrel dogs never become manageable, often not allowing human touch for a lifetime. But Lulu was friendly from the time of her capture from under a deserted trailer. She was filled with palpable buck shot fired into her belly by the man who vowed to kill her if she wasn’t removed immediately.

Lulu has been at my side in reality and in my dreams since 2002, appearing in so many dreams that her nickname is Traveler and what a traveler she has been. In dream-time she is present when danger has us escaping in the middle of the night, fleeing from an unseen terror. We’re racing toward the train terminal across an intersection where we must not be seen and Lulu is barking all the way…..unfortunately.

I never had to worry about her running off when hiking and camping across the southwest even when we were in a serious wind tunnel in Utah. I let her out of the car to check out the scene and she jumped back in when she was certain we were not in danger.

Back in 2013 she was seriously ill with an irritable bowel that kept her in reoccurring pain. We had tests and the imaging showed an area of the gut that was extremely irritated and beyond. She took all kinds of medicine which helped for a while and then back to extreme discomfort.

So in June, 2013 I made an appointment to have her euthanized; I couldn’t bear to see her suffering continue. Sitting in the waiting room with Lulu on my lap and tears running down my face a woman come over and introduced herself as a Buddhist nun and asked if she could say a little prayer for Lulu. Of course I said yes. She whispered the prayer and it worked.

We were called into the examination room where the Dr. appeared with the fatal serum in the long needle. I said “I sure do hate to put her down when I don’t even know for sure what is wrong with her.” My wonderful and brilliant vet stopped in mid-step and said “Let me run a few more tests and see if we can find our.” Which she did, including phoning an out of town vet who suggested trying a new medication, it worked and she is still here.

At 15 she has some serious problems which are to be expected with all us elderly folks. In dog time she is over 100, is a little spaced out and does a lot of pacing around the house, sometimes for hours She can’t seem to find the puppy pads but we deal with it. To look at her one might think her gait is painful – but not so. She walks funny but can also run and play with her little sisters and hop about in the forest like a jack rabbit. And she loves to eat even tho she has lost many teeth – boy can she woof it down.

We continue short hikes in the forest with her two sisters. Can’t go far but we trudge on so she can get needed enjoyable recreation. Because of total deafness she’s on an extendable lease; otherwise she wanders off into the gloaming.She can be counted on to walk into thick brush even when the path is clearly in front of her, making me think her vision is impaired.

She has been so devoted to me all her life in every way and now I will do everything I can to make life possible for her. I think she’s hanging on because she doesn’t want to desert me. She doesn’t understand all the ramifications of the processes we, she and I, are involved in but I will try my very best not to let her down. I hope she can die at home in her sleep but until then we have a lot of living to do.

Impermanence and Philosophical Materialism

“Finish each day and be done with it. You have done what you could. Some blunders and absurdities no doubt crept in; forget them as soon as you can. Tomorrow is a new day. You shall begin it serenely and with too high a spirit to be encumbered with your old nonsense.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

Still Here, Embracing Aging, Changing and Dying is a joyful read and a revelation as Ram Dass encounters identical moments we all experience way over 70. It’s liberating to know we are not alone in our observations and personal struggles with the ravages of time.

It seems we all experience the horror revealed by unexpected encounters with our reflection………..yikes, who’s that old ninny staring at me? And we become exhausted from the simplest activity in comparison to what used to be. Ram Dass told an elderly friend she needed to put “lying down” on her list of things to do instead of fretting over lack of energy to accomplish her wish list .

It is not aging that creates our suffering but how the mind deals with the world’s vision of us and how we handle the physical changes that occur after 70. We suffer from what Ram Dass calls philosophical materialism which limits reality to what we perceive with our senses: if we can’t see it, smell it, taste it, hear it, feel it, then it doesn’t exist. But eternity has always worked with fabrications, or as Einstein discovered Energy = Mass and vice-versus. We need to look at reality from as many angles as possible and hold on to what makes us feel good. If it works use it, if not let it go and create another reality. It works; I’ve been doing it for decades.

Nothing will ever be as it was in past decades; let go of worn out dreams and longings for the past to return. Ram Dass recommends mindfulness meditation which focuses on breath as the method for inner directed journeys which facilitate living in the moment. Achieving moment to moment reality is a marvelous pursuit and quite difficult to sustain but more than worth the effort.

Mindfulness is a simple process that demands total concentration. Ouspensky writes of this aspect in In Search of the Miraculous when he describes Gurdjieff’s lesson to monitor every movement and observation on the walk to his studio for class. Stepping left foot, right foot; seeing the tree, the sidewalk. was usually forgotten as passing dramas captured the way. They would forget the task at hand – sometimes for days – and suddenly wake-up realizing the moment to moment objective had been forgotten.

Ram Dass recommends conscious aging with deeply involved meditation on the impermanent nature of all material life and non-attachment toward the body and all change in the material world. No need to worry about the past or dread the future. When we stay in the moment we are free from the Ego’s desire and in touch with our soul-energy’s journey. Buddhism teaches the master class in impermanence. You might want to check it out and be sure to read Still Here.

Breathe, Release, Expand = Paradise

Almost every malfunction in the physical body is initiated, aggravated, or sustained by stress. Our bodies get away from us like a stampeding herd and create a series of responses prompted by radical contraction which interferes with most functions in the body. Experience the process first hand by actively pulling inward with your muscles until you feel like a piece of furniture.

Notice how the breathing stops and the belly area feels frozen. It’s impossible to breath diaphragmatically because the diaphragm won’t drop to draw in air. Everything is rigid, restricted, held back. Many of us are walking around in this state 24/7 and the effect is devastating. One becomes a metal square moving through space and time instead of a flowing stream caressing the environment – the implications should be evident.

Change at every level is called for and most importantly – allowing for enjoyment, fun and play every day. Taking the time to travel within and discover what is really going on in terms of how one feels. Are you in the process of contraction or expansion? What can be done to stop the upward spiraling contraction madness that grabs hold of everything negative in our physiological process.

Diaphragmatic breathing lowers blood pressure and stabilizes the heart beat. This can be seen by way of a blood pressure monitor. Take a reading in your usual state with high chest breathing and contraction under way. Then go through the very simple exercises below and watch blood pressure and heart rate lower. I know it works because I’ve performed the little experiment with many students. You will be amazed.

First it’s good to become familiar with the feeling of RELEASE. Lie on the floor and starting at the feet tighten the body, moving upward until reaching the head at which point let go of everything simultaneously. Do this process several times until you can feel the difference between the two states of being.

Next, practice Zen breathing until you can maintain it for a long period. Under the condition of release and zen breathing take your blood pressure and find how much the numbers have gone down. Imagine what it will feel like to live in this expanding state on a regular basis.

And here’s the rub… seems to be a difficult process for the elderly. I had great success with my NYU university students but with older friends no so much. After many years of constant illness and discomfort and much $ spent on esoteric medical treatments they continue to practice high chest breathing and find no relief from daily discomfort.

You will find numerous videos on this subject at Youtube; type diaphragmatic breathing for stress control.

Acid vs Alkaline Controversy

Been thinking about Nobel prize winner Otto Warburg, and all the valuable work he did in physiology way back in the 1930s. He received his award in 1931 for research on cell respiration and was nominated for the award 2 other times for work on the origin of cancer; what this great genius discovered should be part of everyone’s dining habits.

Cancer thrives in an acidic environment. Yes, this is common knowledge in the medical world or at least it was back in the ’70 at the enormous 3 day Cancer Conference sponsored by Pir Viliayat Inayat Khan and the Sufi Order of the West. The conference was attended by what seemed to be 1000s, filling an enormous hall in an upscale hotel in midtown NYC. The speakers were the top cancer researchers in the world and they all had the same thing to say: CANCER CANNOT LIVE IN AN ALKALINE ENVIRONMENT.

The big running joke of the conference was: if it sinks you’re sunk referring to poop in the water. The speakers were careful to say it should rest just below the water line; not above or way below. I can find no reference to this conference online – I guess because it took place long before the internet became popular.

In today’s world there is much controversy regarding acid/alkaline balance in disease prevention, particularly cancer. As usual and always there are two sides to every question. So look at the research, various statistical relationships and in the final analysis let your intuition be your guide. And in the meantime you might try alkalizing your diet, particularly if you have reoccurring digestion or chronic bowel problems. It’s easy to check out by eliminating certain foods for a month or so and see if digestion discomforts improve. It would certainly be advised to take pro and pre biotics and eat onions, garlic, sweet potato and other foods that increase the good bacteria in the lower gut.

You might want to check out Herman Aihara’s Acid and Alkaline published in 1980 which covers all aspects of this subject. You will find it interesting to note that eggs, meat, cheese, whiskey and sugar are acid forming while vegetables, fruits, brown rice and coffee are alkaline forming. That is why the hippies in the East Village always served marvelous rice and veggie combos back in the ’60s.

I drink alkalized water and find it tastes so much better than normal water. It is smoother with a fuller body which makes a big difference when one must drink lots of water because of dehydration or other problems. And using Ph-strips to determine acidity proves most interesting.

I have been a vegetarian of sorts for many years; I eat no red meat of any kind and have not since 1960. I continue to be free of digestive problems at least to my knowledge, which is good enough for me. I’ve also had a reliable and highly functioning immune system all my life. I believe the absence of red meat has contributed to my good health. I also avoid all corn products in particular corn syrup and GMOs and I have never eaten fast food.

Trump the Narcissist


The Trump for president movement is revealing about those who support him. If it’s true we support what we personally identify with we have more than enough narcissists
in our vast population to influence the future of humanity. And although I know Trump doesn’t have a chance of being president, it’s sure scary to see so many middle class folks identifying with a man driven by a great love for himself. He has all the traits of Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

The symptoms of this disorder stack up as follows:
Reacts to criticism with anger, shaming and humiliation of critic.
Exaggerates own importance, achievements and talents
Takes advantage of others to reach his or her own goals
Disregards feelings of others, lacks empathy and pursues selfish goals.

Trump has never made an appearance without expressing the above symptoms and thousands love him for these very traits which they view as expressing the antithesis of establishment Washington. Nothing could be further from the truth.. He has little interest in anything that doesn’t glorify pushing his money brand across the planet.

One might wonder why Trump hasn’t tempered his obnoxious qualities to appear more in line with acceptable presidential behavior. It will never happen because he has no boundaries or vision of what he really looks like. But the most unfortunate quality is his total lack of empathy for the terminally poor who identify with him.

What Republican candidate can an aware, intelligent, compassionate person identify with. The only one who comes close is Kasich who appears to be a fairly normal, intelligent and compassionate person. But then I’m not a Republican so I don’t know too much about him. But I do know the others are too much like Trump to be viable candidates. Vote for Bernie!

Connecting With the Field of Twinkling Light

Now Besso” (an old friend) “has departed from this strange world a little ahead of me. That means nothing. People like us know that the distinction between past, present and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion.” Einstein

New realities introduced to the subconscious continue to expand when maintained by constant remembrance. I often think of extraordinary realities such as parallel universes and the Field which is the Matrix of vibrating, swirling, oscillating energy fields communicating with each other in never ending space. The Field is both the origin and destiny for all that will be or has ever been.

Living matter uses light for instantaneous global communication. Fritz-Alfred Popp discovered all living things emit a stream of light which he called “biophoton emissions”. Other scientists have confirmed his findings. Interestingly so has Castaneda as revealed in the following quote from The Power of Silence. “As I stared at the wondrous sight, filaments of light began to radiate from everything on that prairie. At first it was like an explosion of an infinite number of short fibers, them the fibers became long threadlike strands of luminosity bundled together into beams of vibrating light that reached infinity.”

Many scientists have confirmed aspects of the Field realities. The Baxter effect demonstrated how plants communicate with the world around them; the 100th Monkey is a famous example of telepathy across great distances and Itzhak Bentov wrote of many wonders in Stalking the Wild Pendulum including psychic communication and the soul’s journey after death. He writes “Upon the death of the physical body, the psyche returns to its realm, finding its proper reality and with which it naturally resonates, depending on its level of evolution.”

So what does all this mean and how do telepathy, psychic transformation and parallel universes occur? The bottom line seems to be the amazing, almost magical photon/electron that can be both particle and wave depending on circumstances of the moment. It is this ability to be in two places simultaneously that makes expanding consciousness and personal frequency transformation possible.

What is meant by personal frequency transformation and what does it mean to us? The human being vibrates at various frequencies according to thoughts, activity, environment and genetics. Some influences produce fast waves and some produce slow, low frequencies. They all come together to create a frequency-identity, kinda like a bar-code. Everything we do, avoid, speak sends encoded currents of light-energy into the Field which one can read when sensitive to these energies. If you are familiar with Kirlian photography or Masaru Emoto’s photos of water crystals in The Hidden Messages in Water you can imagine the intricacies of personal frequency patterns.

All living creatures communicate within particular frequency ranges, birds of a feather flock together and so do humans of a feather. Experiences are attracted by individual frequencies – what goes around comes around as one attracts in the groove with one’s dominant consciousness. Which means in everyday terms, if you don’t like where you are now, change focus, inner monologue, day dreams, routines and general input.

If likes attract in the Field, killers will hang with killers and peacemakers with peacemakers in the parallel universes awaiting us. Sounds like a good reason to cut negativity out of one’s life or we could possibly arrive in a universe full of stark realities. One is reminded of the film What Dreams May Come which concerns the mind’s creation of the life after death experience.

The elderly have an advantage in pursuing the inward-path. With more available time, less distractions and fewer obligations one can go on the journey of a lifetime into the subconscious and down the path toward a higher frequency of understanding. Connecting to the field through meditation will sustain memory, imagination, creativity and help prepare for the great transition. A perpetual fascination with the new is a mainstay of a healthy, exciting old age.

This blog is inspired by the chapter “Connecting With the Field” from my book: Napoleon’s Bathtub.

Welcome Death Cafes!

Do you know about Death Cafes? I am thrilled they exist, not just in Europe but also in many cities across America.The most recent post on Google indicates there are 4 Death Cafes in New Mexico: 2 in Albuquerque, one each in Dixon and Los Cruces and surprise, surprise – there is one in Taos. It’s wonderful to have designated places and events where one can discuss death and dying without someone saying “Let’s change the subject and discuss something more positive.”

My childhood training included: never discuss politics and religion. Death & dying should have been included on that list. It is never a well received topic of conversation, as when folks ask: “Are you well; is something wrong with your health?” “No, why do you ask?” “Because you bring up the subject of death and dying.” Yes I do and for many good reasons.

Think of all the cliché, routinized phrases we use in various circumstances surrounding this subject – phrases like: sorry for your loss and we all gotta go sometime, or perhaps we tell someone, moments from death: don’t worry, every things gonna be A-OK. Death Cafes offer places where small groups gather to drink tea and eat tasty treats while discussing fears and understandings of death and dying.

One of the difficult aspects of death is the ability to let go. This is true for both the dying and the survivors. In some ways I am freer than many in that my only survivors will be my 3 dogs. Of course they concern me but not the way children, grandchildren, husbands and lovers concern most people. It is a blessing to know that no one is going to live with a broken heart over my passing. Doggies recover quickly when given a loving home.

Physical suffering is the culprit and when absent from the dying scenario there is nothing to fear…………today is as good as tomorrow for the big event; one is never ready to say goodbye. I know I must sound conflicted and perhaps I am deep in my subconscious but my conscious self is not afraid to be gone. My fears lie in the going. If it is peaceful and painless I can welcome it’s embrace.

I can welcome death’s embrace because I have had a wonderful life and the party is always over before we’re ready to go home. I get it and …………… I’m also a little sick of the direction the world is moving. But I love life and will love it until I breathe no more. What is impossible to reconcile is the death of close friends; I don’t believe in an afterlife recognizable to humanity. By that I mean energy lives forever but not in the form of Jane and Bob and Jill. These are some of the concepts, feelings, beliefs that can be discussed at the Death Cafes.

I hope I’m free of all fears of death but there is no way of knowing for sure until the time arrives. I did have the dehydration experience, knocking my head against a concrete floor producing an enormous knot. I was very woozy but went against all advice to go to the hospital even tho I knew mom died in a similar experience. I had no fear of dying; the experience was very liberating. But who knows? Guess I might discuss this at a Death Cafe.