Trump the Narcissist


The Trump for president movement is revealing about those who support him. If it’s true we support what we personally identify with we have more than enough narcissists
in our vast population to influence the future of humanity. And although I know Trump doesn’t have a chance of being president, it’s sure scary to see so many middle class folks identifying with a man driven by a great love for himself. He has all the traits of Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

The symptoms of this disorder stack up as follows:
Reacts to criticism with anger, shaming and humiliation of critic.
Exaggerates own importance, achievements and talents
Takes advantage of others to reach his or her own goals
Disregards feelings of others, lacks empathy and pursues selfish goals.

Trump has never made an appearance without expressing the above symptoms and thousands love him for these very traits which they view as expressing the antithesis of establishment Washington. Nothing could be further from the truth.. He has little interest in anything that doesn’t glorify pushing his money brand across the planet.

One might wonder why Trump hasn’t tempered his obnoxious qualities to appear more in line with acceptable presidential behavior. It will never happen because he has no boundaries or vision of what he really looks like. But the most unfortunate quality is his total lack of empathy for the terminally poor who identify with him.

What Republican candidate can an aware, intelligent, compassionate person identify with. The only one who comes close is Kasich who appears to be a fairly normal, intelligent and compassionate person. But then I’m not a Republican so I don’t know too much about him. But I do know the others are too much like Trump to be viable candidates. Vote for Bernie!